bookletcoverIn 2014, Dr Hannah Stern and I co-founded the group Cavendish Inspiring Women (CiW), which is based at Cambridge University physics department and promotes the visibility of women in physics. To do this, CiW hosts lectures with outstanding female speakers, helps build a network of female physicists within Cambridge and also undertakes outreach projects. One of the projects I led was to produce a short booklet, entitled ‘What is so exciting about physics?’ to encourage more girls to study physics beyond GCSE. The booklet showcases the work of early-career female physicists and can be found at: www.cavinspiringwomen.com/booklet. I also wrote a guest blog about the booklet for Science Grrl and to date we have distributed over 6000 paper copies.

I have also been heavily involved with Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange (CUSPE), both as Chairperson and Head of Finance and Fundraising. I am particularly interested in science policy and in 2014 I was fortunate to undertake a secondment working in government on the UK’s quantum technology programme.